University of Alaska UA Alert

UA Alert

UA Alert - Alert notification system for the University of Alaska

Last updated 07/20/20, 08:00, MM

The University of Alaska, UA Alert, Notification System makes every effort to release information about emergencies (incidents) that may disrupt university operations. This multi-modal system of notification includes:

  • Personal Notification

    • Via email, telephone, and text message blasts via Rave Mobile Safety and Rave Guardian

  • Mass Notification (where available)

    • Loudspeaker, audio and visual alerts through Voice Over IP Phones, visual alerts on hallway beacons and digital signage

  • Community Alert

    • Press releases and contact with local media, alert notices on Facebook sites and Twitter feeds (see below) and the university homepage

UA Alert for Parents and Community Patrons (Non-affiliated)

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(If you live in the Fairbanks Northstar Borough, going through the links will allow you to also customize your Smart911 information with the borough.)

UA Alert - University of Alaska Twitter feed

UA Alert - University of Alaska Facebook feed